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The Mark Cleveland provides an evening of original entertainment with new songs delivered by veteran Chicago musicians and a diversity of feature performers and dancers who continue to support the full powered vocal presence of this Singer Songwriter and World Musician. Audiences return to experience the unique combination of instrumentation, stage presence and musical ability delivered in songs woven from the songwriter's exposure to Native American tradition, World Culture and contemporary American life

Mark Cleveland is a repeat performer at the World Music Festival, Millennium Park, Navy Pier and in major Chicago venues like the Old Town School or Shuba's. Recent and notable events include composing the soundtrack for the Field Museum's Ancient Americas exhibit, recording with Yo Yo Ma's Cross Roads project, sharing the stage with Golden Globe NAMA Award Winner Bill Miller on tour and Chicago favorite Corky Siegel. His music can be heard regularly on Chicago and U.S. media, and internationally on Web Streaming Radio.

"Musically adventurous, nice arrangements with a good hook, he really pulled me in. I wanted to listen to what he was singing about"
Richard Milne, WXRT on WGN channel 9

"I really liked the instrumentation... the singer is powerful"
Monica Kendrick, Chicago Reader

Now Playing: Ancient Americas

This Evanston singer-songwriter, who sounds a bit like John Hiatt, is part Cherokee, but not until he was in his 30s, when he met a tribal elder and archaeologist did he begin exploring that part of his heritage. He plays Native American flute and acoustic guitar.
Peter Margasak, Chicago Reader

Cross Roads Project 2007: sighted for “a spirit of openness and depth of musicianship”
by Mark Suter and Ko Umezaki of The Silk Road Orchestra

2010 release Best of Mark Cleveland
Singer Songwriter CD "Songs for the Journey"
and all original Flute and guitar collection: Winter Lodge available at all performances

read about it on our Band page

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